CS & Kreme + Turner Williams Jr. & Tim Gick

, CS & Kreme + Turner Williams Jr. & Tim Gick

CS & Kreme + Turner Williams Jr. & Tim Gick

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CS + Kreme are Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel – two Australians who record slow, hallucinatory experimental music. There was a meeting of minds at an intrepid friend’s day-party in Melbourne a few years back, then after one alchemic studio jam – the rest was history.

Over the past few years, CS + Kreme have released a string of disparate records on DIY labels which share their ethos: Total Stasis, Wichelroede and the Trilogy Tapes. The latter collaborations with Will Bankhead have been the most prolific, his label becoming an unofficial home away from home for the duo. Issuing EPs Cold Shoulder in 2018, howwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthought, as well as the Snoopy LP to critical acclaim in 2020.

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08 jun 2022 22:00


6 horas

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, CS & Kreme + Turner Williams Jr. & Tim Gick

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