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março, 2018

20mar(mar 20)22:3021(mar 21)01:30Gloria no SabotageSabotage Club, Rua de São Paulo, 16Categoria:Entretenimento


GLORIA | 20 de Março | Sabotage Club | 10€

Gloria is psych girl group from France, leaded by a trio of female singers and founded by producer/guitarist Kid Victrola. Like a family chasing the sixties lost paradise, trying to unravel the mystery of ancients girl pop, Gloria plays folk, pop, garage, like in a fuzz and harmonies cooking pot. They bring together the Shangri La’s and the Small Faces, along with Motown and 90’s indie pop.
After a their critically acclaimed first LP in late 2016 (In Excelsis Stereo- Howlin’ Banana records), Gloria comes back with a new 6-tracks EP : Oidophon Echorama. Wich means deafening show of voices sounds – 6 tracks of psych pop, rock and country blues – or isn’t it jut pop music ? – curving space time for a trip in the vintage of the future.
While they are already working on their second full LP, Gloria comes back with a EP of 6 psych pop tracks gathered on the road. Here the girls sing like if each song was only made of choruses : too much love, too much singers, too much instruments, too much reverb in a great pop Sabbath. A cooking pot of fuzz and chants.
One song praising food, another paying tribute to a legendary woman pilot. Some alimentary country blues, some avenger feminism, some bad cat chasing disco fuzz (?), any reason is good to try too break through the mirror, see if rock’s cadaver is still breathing.


20 (Terça-feira) 22:30 - 21 (Quarta-feira) 01:30


Sabotage Club

Rua de São Paulo, 16


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